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Edible Image Cakes

Creating your own edible Image Cake is simple!
Start by collecting all the information below:
  • SIZE: Choose your size based on your servings needed
  • FLAVOUR: Choose your flavour using our CAKE FLAVOUR MENU
  • YOUR IMAGE: Choose any image that you would like on your cake
  • COLOUR SCHEME: Choose up to 3 different colours that we will match your edible image with using whip cream or buttercream (See examples below)
  • INSCRIPTION: Using special computer software we are able to print your custom text directly on to your edible image cake
  • SUBMIT: Using our online REQUEST A QUOTE form, fill out all necessary fields and submit your requestYour Request will be reviewed and you will be contacted via email or Phone to confirm your order within 24 to 72 Hour



                   6″: $50.00                                                    6 X 6″: $50.00                                      (Quarter Slab) 9 X 13″: $85.00
                   8″: $60.00                                                    8 X 8″: $60.00                                        (Half Slab) 11 X 15″: $100.00
                   10″: $75.00                                                  10 X 10″: $75.00                                        (Full Slab) 12 X 18″: $140.00


My photograph has blemishes, can it be touched up before it goes on my cake?
Any photo sent to La Casa Dolce, will be properly examined for any blemishes or colour correction that is needed using computer software, before it is placed on your cake.

How far in advance do I need to give you before I order an edible image cake?
We ask a minimum of 4 days notice, so we can properly prepare your order to your specific design.

What happens if i do not have a image to send?
If you do not have a image to send us, our experienced designers will select an image to match your theme.

How much is a single sheet of edible paper if i want to purchase a print on it’s own?
Our edible paper prints cost $20.00, if you would like to purchase one on its own. (This price includes any necessary touch ups & sizing as well)

Will my Edible image cake have 3d appearance?
Our edible image cakes DO NOT have any 3d appearance to them. (See examples above)