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Cake Flavours



Cake Sizing:

Each Cake Slice Measures approximately  1.5″ x 2″ x 4″

ROUND                                                  SQUARE                                                     RECTANGLE

6″ serves 6-8                                  6X6″ serves 8-10                                    9X13″ serves 30-35
8″serves 12-15                              8X8″ serves 15-18                                 11X15″ serves 40-50
10″ serves 20-25                        10X10″serves 25-28                               12X18″ serves 70-80
12″serves 30-35                                                                                                 17X24″ serves 80-100

Please note, sizes and flavours are based on availability and are NOT guaranteed for same week orders. If you would like to guarantee your size and flavour, an order must be placed no later than 7 days (1 week) in advance from your scheduled pick-up date.




Caramel Crunch

A vanilla cake filled with crunchy biscuit pieces and caramel cream

Caramel Maple Pecan

A pecan lovers dream! Moist vanilla cake packed with two layers of pecans and caramel

Coconut Cream

Coconut custard filled between our vanilla cake sponge masked with whip cream and topped with toasted coconut flakes

Lemon Chiffon

Decadent vanilla sponge filled with two layers of light lemon custard

Lemon Raspberry

Fan favourite by far! The most popular among the vanilla list, this cake has one layer of raspberry filling and one layer of lemon filling making it a tasty yet light combination of flavours

Strawberry Shortcake

A classic vanilla cake packed with two layers of fresh cut strawberries and custard and cream

Vanilla Bean

A simple yet tasty vanilla cake filled with vanilla bean cream

Vanilla Chocolate

Simple is best! A Moist vanilla sponge separated by two layers of chocolate ganache cream


Black Forest

Our rich chocolate cake, layered with sweet cherries and fresh whipped cream

Brownie Fudge

A Chocolate fudge cake, loaded with chewy brownie pieces and fudge topped with whipped cream

Chocolate Chocolate

A Chocolate fudge cake paired with a classic chocolate ganache icing topped with chocolate garnish

Chocolate Vanilla

Rich vanilla frosting layered between Decadent chocolate cake and topped with chocolate accents

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate cake loaded with crushed Oreo pieces topped with fudge and fresh whipped cream

Espresso Mocha

A rich chocolate cake infused with freshly brewed espresso, filled with a mocha cream and a fudge drizzle

Peanut Butter Fudge

Decadent chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter frosting and pieces of peanut butter cups, finished with peanut butter fudge and chocolate drizzle

Raspberry Fudge

Moist chocolate cake between layers of raspberry whipped cream, topped with fudge and fresh raspberries

Frank’s Picks

Bacio Torte

Layers of rich chocolate cake, filled with bacio custard and chocolate ganache

Cannoli Chocolate Chip

Moist vanilla sponge infused with freshly brewed espresso and filled with cannoli cream, chocolate chips; topped with crushed cannoli shells and drizzled in ganache

Carrot Cream Cheese

Moist and flavourful carrot cake with hints of spices, layered with a smooth and creamy cream cheese filling

Dolce De Leche

Light vanilla cake, layered between Dolce De Leche caramel and whipped cream

Fruiti Di Bosco

Light vanilla cake layered with vanilla custard and filled with fresh blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Italian Rum Cake

A Classic Italian Favourite! Our moist vanilla cake infused with rum extract, filled with layers of creamy vanilla and chocolate custard; topped with whipped cream and almond shavings


Decadent chocolate sponge cake layered with hazelnut Nutella flavoured cream and drizzled with Nutella in between each layer

Red Velvet

Classic red velvet cake, layered with smooth cream cheese filling


An Italian delicacy! Creamy mascarpone cheese between two layers of espresso infused vanilla sponge and a layer of espresso soaked Savoiardi lady fingers



(Designs may vary)


Bacio infused custard, topped with dark chocolate ganache and fresh crushed hazelnuts between three layers of crispy puff pastry

Café Mocha

Three layers of crispy puff pastry filled with custard infused with mocha and drizzled with fudge

Frutti Di Bosco

Vanilla custard, filled with fresh blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries layered between crispy puff pastry

Strawberry Custard

Vanilla custard filled with fresh strawberries between three layers of crispy puff pastry

Vanilla/Chocolate Custard

Three layers of crispy puff pastry filled with your choice of creamy chocolate or vanilla custard