Custom/Wedding Cake Flavours

Quality and taste are our top priority. Our cakes are made with fresh high-quality ingredients your Italian Nonna would be proud of. Not only are our custom cakes beautiful to look at, they taste amazing too!

Flavours Available


    Brownie Fudge

    A chocolate fudge cake, loaded with chewy brownie pieces and fudge topped with vanilla buttercream


    Black Forest

    Our rich chocolate cake, layered with sweet cherries and fresh buttercream


    Chocolate Chocolate

    Rich chocolate buttercream layered between Decadent chocolate fudge cake


    Chocolate Vanilla

    Vanilla bean buttercream layered between Decadent chocolate fudge cake


    Cookies and Cream

    Chocolate cake loaded with crushed Oreo pieces topped with fudge and fresh vanilla buttercream


    Espresso Mocha

    A rich chocolate cake infused with freshly brewed espresso, filled with a mocha buttercream and a fudge drizzle


    Peanut Butter Fudge

    Decadent chocolate cake, filled with peanut butter buttercream and pieces of peanut butter cups, spread with chocolate fudge


    Caramel Crunch

    A vanilla cake filled with caramel buttercream, crunchy biscuit pieces, and a caramel sauce


    Caramel Maple Pecan

    A pecan lovers dream! Moist vanilla cake packed with layers of pecans, caramel sauce and a Canadian maple buttercream

    Lemon Raspberry

    Fan favourite by far! The most popular among the vanilla list, this cake has layers of raspberry filling and layers of lemon filling making it a tasty yet light combination of flavours!


    Strawberry Cream

    Our classic twist of a vanilla cake packed with layers of fresh cut strawberries and strawberry buttercream


    Vanilla Chocolate

    Simple is best! A Moist vanilla sponge separated by layers of chocolate fudge cream


    Vanilla Vanilla

    A simple yet tasty vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream


    Nocciola Torte

    Layers of rich chocolate cake, filled with bacio custard and chocolate ganache


    Dulce De Leche

    Light vanilla cake, layered between Dolce De Leche spread and caramel buttercream


    Hazelnut Nutella

    Layers of rich chocolate cake, filled with pure Nutella and Nutella buttercream


    Red Velvet

    Classic red velvet cake, layered with smooth cream cheese filling

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