What size do I need?

We recognize that not all of your guests will eat cake, especially if you are serving additional desserts. We recommend getting a cake to serve 1/3 to 1/2 of your guests. (see chart below)

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery. Delivery prices are based on current gas prices at the time of delivery.

To see if your venue is within our delivery zone, please see the map below. Venues outside of our delivery zone will require customer pick up.

How much notice do you need for a wedding cake?

We always try our best to accept all cake inquiries but sometimes we fill up very quickly. We request a minimum of 3-4 weeks notice, pending availability. Some months (April to June) we fill up extremely fast and can require minimum of 5 weeks notice. You are always welcome to submit a Request a Quote to see if we have space available for last minute orders. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee your order.

Can i pick up my order?

Yes! We highly recommend using vehicle that has a large trunk space like a hatchback or van. The cake must be placed on a flat surface, not a car seat or someone’s lap as this can cause damage to your cake when turning or going over bumps. If a large trunk space is not available, the floor area in front of your passenger seat (with the seat pushed all the way back) is most commonly used. We like to say “drive like you would with a new born baby”.

During hot/summer months, your vehicle must be air conditioned.

I don’t know what design I want for my cake yet; can you help me design something?

Absolutely! The world of custom/wedding cakes can be a confusing one but our cake consultant’s job is to help guide you and answer all your questions. Together you will design a beautiful work of edible art perfect for your event.

We are having a small/micro wedding, do you make smaller cakes?

We welcome all weddings and budgets no matter the size.

Do you offer stand rentals?

We have a small selection of stands available for rent. Our stand rental is $65.00 + HST. Speak with our Cake Consultant about stand availability and details.

Do you provide cake toppers?

Items such as acrylic/personalized cake toppers and fresh florals must be provided by yourself and dropped off to the bakery two (2) days before scheduled pickup or delivery

How long can I leave the cake out?

We recommend keeping the cake in the fridge, then taking it out about 30-45 minutes before serving. If you need to keep the cake out for longer, keep away from direct heat/sunlight as this can cause the cream to become soft. If you are inside an air-conditioned building, the cake can stay out for a few hour

Can I display my cake outside in the summer?

In the hot/summer months we recommend keeping the cake refrigerated for as long as possible before taking out to be displayed. Allow the cake to come to room temperature inside before taking it outside to avoid condensation forming on the sides of the cake. This can cause colours/decorations to run or fall off.

If you are hot, the cake is hotter!

Cake Servings

Our wedding cakes are a standard 5” tall per tier. 

Serving sizes are approximately on 2” x 2” x 5" slices.



          SIZE      SERVINGS
    6X6”              18

    8X8"              32

    10X10"           50

    12X12"           72

    14X14             98




    4”              6

     6”             14

     8”             25

     9”             32

     10"           39

     12”           56

     14”           77

      16”          100



         SIZE       SERVINGS

    9x13”              40

    11x15"             55

    12x18"             72

    17x24"           100

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