Information Required

In order to expedite your order in a timely fashion and to make sure we have enough time to prepare your order exactly the way you envisioned it please have and provide the following information to us when calling, e-mailing, or visiting us:

  • Contact Info (Phone Number)
  • Picture and/or Design of Idea
  • Event Date
  • Type of Occasion (Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, etc…)
  • If delivery is required (please note we never guarantee delivery; based on availability only)
  • Number of People you would like to serve (Not everyone eats cake, keep in mind when estimating servings)
  • Cake flavour (Cake flavour and filling)
  • Budget, if any (this is very helpful)

Cancellations, Deposits, & Changes

Orders over $60.00 require a 50% deposit which is NON-REFUNDABLE as this will guarantee that you will have your cake made by La Casa Dolce in the event that we are completely booked for that given day.

We DO NOT accept returns or process refunds due to the nature of our products however if a mistake is made by La Casa Dolce we would be glad to offer a credit towards your next purchase. Please note the credit amount will be at the discretion of La Casa Dolce Inc.

If we make several attempts to contact you and your order is not picked up La Casa Dolce reserves the right to charge your credit card for any remaining outstanding balance.

It can sometimes be a daunting task to schedule pickups and deliveries on a weekly basis especially when some weeks are completely booked. If you wish to cancel your order it must be made no later than 7 days before your event, no exceptions.

If your cake is a custom/wedding order any and all changes must be made 7 days before your expected pickup/delivery date. These changes may include but are not limited to, flavours, design, structure, colours, etc.)


Any Loss or Damage to any stand rental, renter shall alert La Casa Dolce to any damage to the Stand. Renter shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Stand and loss of use, diminution of the Stand’s value which will be discussed upon rental agreement that is caused by damage to it or repair to it and missing stand. The security deposit will be charged of the according amount to the credit card on file.

Scanned Images

We have a highly skilled team at La Casa Dolce with some of our staff who are extremely proficient in graphic design. This skill set enables us to create almost any images (custom) that you would like on your cake. If you would like an image on your cake or to be included along with your custom order please attach your image (no lower than 500x500p) in an email or come by the store so that we can scan it for you.

We will try our very best to duplicate your photo or create it from scratch however it is not always 100% accurate as edible printer colours and paper do not always comply like regular printers do. 



Cake Inscriptions

We strive for perfection each and every day and have high standards regarding meeting our customer expectations. However we are human and sometimes human error occurs which we will always do our best to correct. Before leaving La Casa Dolce with your order, please make sure that we have properly written out your inscription and that all spelling is correct. If we have missed something or made an error on your cake please let us know as we would be happy to fix it for you. Once your order has left our store La Casa Dolce will NOT be responsible for any changes as the order has already been approved by you, the customer, upon pick up.

Please Note: Due to the nature of our business and the high volume of custom orders it is sometimes necessary for small alterations to be made to a cake for the completion of the design itself. La Casa Dolce Inc. decorators and designers reserve the right to make any last minute adjustment to cake orders as needed.

Colours, Shades, and Decor

We will try our very best to match a particular colour that you have requested however we cannot guarantee 100% that the color will match. It is always best to provide a reference for us to work with such as a swatch or a picture as a sample however if no example is provided we will use our judgement and do our best to dye/tint the cream, butter cream, or fondant.

The same policy above applies to ribbon, feathers, monograms or any other cake decorating supply that may be used in the design of your cake. La Casa Dolce will go above and beyond to try and have these particular items/colours available to you have we cannot guarantee them nor can we promise them on short notice requests (ordered less than 2 weeks from your event).

Packing and Transportation

We always make sure our cakes and pastries are packed securely and properly before they are given to you and administer a full check to make sure they are in one piece and ready to be displayed and enjoyed. We will even offer to walk them to the car for you so that we can help you load your boxes into your vehicle.

Once your order has left our doors, La Casa Dolce will NOT be liable for any damages to your cake once you have left with it as we do not have control over driving or handling conditions after that point. However, if something does happen to your order after you have left please call us to see if we may be able to help in any way.

If you are picking up a large slab or tiered cake please try your best to have the use of a van or SUV and that your trunk or back loading area is clear and uncluttered. All cakes and pastries should be transported on a flat surface in your vehicle. Once at your destination, refrigerate your cake or pastries if not being served right away. Cakes and pastries must be kept cool.

If you have sent someone else to pick up your order, THEY are responsible for making sure that the order is to your satisfaction before leaving the bakery as La Casa Dolce will not be responsible to any items missed at pick up.

We are NOT a nut-free environment nor do we guarantee any cross contamination with peanut products.


As preservatives are not used in our products, please keep in mind that pastries and cakes are best served the day or the day after you pick up your order and will keep fresh for about 2 to 3 days afterwards if stored properly. None of our products are made to be frozen since they lack preservatives.