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Please use this form if you have a custom cake or wedding cake in mind that you would like La Casa Dolce to create for your special occasion. This is a no-obligation quote and similarly does NOT guarantee La Casa Dolce will have availability to complete your cake.
Provide as much detailed information as possible regarding your custom cake idea. If you have a picture(s) of a cake that you would like us to replicate or use as a general theme please attach it to this form. Due to the high volume of requests please allow 1-3 business days for a reply to your quote request.
We understand the time restraints that everyone faces in their lives now a days however please note we will respond back to you within 1-3 business days and that your request will be answered in queue. Due to our volume of orders on weekends we DO NOT respond to e-mails between Saturday – Monday.
Note that we do ask for at least three weeks advanced notice for all cake orders. If an order is placed and taken by La Casa Dolce after the three week period, pick-up time/delivery time of cakes will need to be discussed and negotiated as there is no guarantee.
Please note that by requesting a quote this does NOT confirm your order as we will contact you to discuss further details and confirm it.
Please note: When uploading pictures, the file size cannot exceed 7mb or it will NOT load. Thank you!