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La Casa Dolce

Father's Day Donuts

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Homer Donut: Yeast donut dipped in pink vanilla icing. Topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Pistachio Chocolate Donut: Yeast donut dipped in green vanilla icing. Topped with crushed pistachios and chocolate ganache drizzle. 

Raspberry Custard Long John: Yeast log donut filled with vanilla custard and raspberry filling. Topped with chocolate icing.

Ferrero Rocher Donut: Yeast donut topped with crushed hazelnuts mixed with chocolate ganache, nutella drizzle and a ferrero rocher.

Pecan Butter Tart Donut: Yeast donut dipped in maple icing. Topped with crushed pecans and butter tart pieces.

Nutella Donut: Yeast donut filled with nutella. Tossed in sugar and a dollop of nutella.